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Virtual FTP System (VFTP)1 of 2
Introducing VFTP

If you have purchased the Virtual FTP (VFTP) account upgrade (£95 + VAT pa) you will be able to create new FTP users with password access to specific directories within your web space. These areas are "chrooted" meaning that a user connecting to their assigned directory will not have access to other areas on your site.

Your FTP server will be called (replacing the part with whatever domain you've decided to use).

The system is controlled via a web-based VFTP control panel. You can access this by pointing a web browser to the /vftp directory on your server, using your account login details. For example:

The VFTP admin pages.
When you first enter your ftp admin area you will see a
list of admin options down the left hand side of your web browser.
These allow you to perform the basic administrative tasks:

1) Add FTP User
2) Change User Password
3) List/Delete Users
4) List/Delete Directories
5) Admin Configuration

Add FTP User
Selecting the "Add FTP User" option displays a form for creating a new ftp account. You must specify a 'username' and 'password' for the account. The password must be repeated to confirm it was typed correctly. The 'description' field is for your benefit only.
The 'ftp root' is the complete file path to the directory that you want to be the ftp user's home. The basepath specified outside the textbox can be altered in "Admin Configuration" (see later).
An email address can be optionally included. If it is, an email is sent to it, containing the full login details. The contents of this email can be customised in "Admin Configuration".

Change User Password
This option allows the password of an existing ftp account to be replaced. As the admin, you do not need to know the previous password. This can be used if the account holder forgets their password, or if you want to prevent their ftp access, without deleting the account.

List/Delete Users
This allows you to list all of your current users, and thir corresponding ftp roots. To remove a user, you may select it from the list. A confirm delete is shown in the browser before the user is removed.

List/Delete Directories
This option lists the directories (will full file paths) which have vFTP access. To help you monitor your disk space, the size of these directories are also shown. You can delete these directories (and their contents) from here. Again, a confirm delete is shown in the browser.



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