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Domains FAQ

Do you offer domain name registration services?

Yes, we offer registration services to our customers at a very good rate (Virtually cost rate). We provide a special rate for our web hosting customers: £50 covers the registry fees and our administration costs for 2 years. This applies to UK and international domain names ( and .com for example). We then invoice you £25 for each year of continued registration thereafter. Please note, some domain name suffixes incur a greater charge, please check for latest prices.

What price would you charge to register a domain for me?

We provide a special rate for our web hosting customers of £50 for the first two years, and £25 for each year thereafter. There are some domain name suffixes which may incur a greater charge, please check for latest prices.

Which domains can you register for me?

We can register the following domain types:

Some domain name types have special restrictions. A address, for example, requires a registered Company number.

What other domain names work with your service?

You can use any valid and approved domain name, registered in any country, with your web service. We do not, however, register or take administrative control of any domains other than the main international and UK domains listed above.

Can I use an existing domain name with my web space?

Yes, if you own a domain name and wish to transfer it to be hosted with us, this can easily be arranged. Please follow the instructions below.

Are there any charges to transfer a domain to my Positive account?

For UK domains we do not make any charges to transfer a domain to our service. To transfer US/Global domains to us we do charge 10 GBP + VAT, however this charge includes an additional free years renewal which represents a discount on our normal yearly renewal charges. We make this charge only because our registrars charge us and insist on an immediate extra years renewal for incoming domains. We never make any charges for domains being transferred away from us to other providers, you are free to do this as and when you want. Unlike some providers, there are no hidden clauses or surcharges. Your domain is your property and you may transfer it at any time (subject to any appropriate authorisation which may apply).

How do I transfer my existing domain to your name servers?

This depends on whether the domain name is an International domain name (.com, .net or .org etc) or a UK domain name (, etc)

In the case of a .com, .net or .org domain name, most domains come with a web-based domain management system which you can use to point the domain at our nameservers (we'll advise the correct nameservers in your welcome mail, or you can ask our support team). If you don't have access to a web-based domain management system, often the current hosts or company you registered the domain with will be able to make the necessary nameserver changes. In a minority of cases (e.g. older Network Solutions domains), we will need to make a transfer request to the central naming authority, and the current administrators (usually your old web hosting company) will be required to acknowledge and approve the transfer.

In the case of a domain name ending in .uk you must request that the current administrators change the Nominet IPS tag to POSITIVE so that we can initiate the transfer process ourselves.

In both cases, these steps can be done without affecting your current service. Your domain name information will not be transferred, just the administration rights so that we can transfer service at a time that is convenient to you.

My domain is not fully registered or transferred yet, can I still access my web site?

When you first open your webhosting account with Positive Internet, your domain may not have been registered or transferred fully. During the time it takes to activate your domain name, your account will be accessible using a temporary URL which we will notify you of in your welcome email.

For example, if your login username is fred you would be able to view your via a temporary URL along these lines:

This allows you to begin transferring or establishing on your website before your domain is activated.

May I have more than one domain pointed to my web space?

You may have as many domain names as you have registered (or you can register more domains with us). These can all point to your web site. These do not, of course, include additional FTP or telnet accounts. You may also have up to four domains mapped to separate directories in your account. These, again, do not include extra FTP or Telnet access, but do allow you to maintain separate sites.

Can I have mail forwarding for all my domains?

Yes it is possible to set up mail forwarding with unlimited aliases for every domain name you have pointed at your site. Instructions for this will be made available shortly. Please email support for exact configuration details.

Can I have POP3 accounts for all my domains?

Your virtual pop server only works for one domain name (your primary web space name as listed on your application form). Additional vmail accounts must be purchased in order to use other domain names with our unlimited POP3 service.

Can I buy additional POP3 virtual servers?

We can provide a seperate "VMAIL" system for a domain name giving it unlimited POP3 accounts, unlimited aliases as well as autoresponders. This is managed by a web based management system. Please call us for more information.



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